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What script syntax to delete a file from all of the \\Documents and Settings desktops?

yuhs asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-16
VERY simple script, but I can't figure it out.

I want to deploy a script to my building to delete a particular icon from all the user desktops (XP machines). The icon I want to delete is not in the "All Users" profile, but is saved in individual user profiles. This script below works when I use it to delete the icon from the All Users, Default User, or my own desktop. But how do I script it to delete the icon from all the unknown profiles on the PC ?

This works:    del icon.url "\\%PC%\C$\Documents and Settings\all users\Desktop"
This doesn't:  del icon.url "\\%PC%\C$\Documents and Settings\%users%\Desktop"
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You can use FOR /F to loop through subfolders of the Documents and Settings folder, as in the code below.  Change all instances of %%G to %G if you're running it from the command line rather than in a batch script.

See here for a good explanation of FOR /F:

for /F "tokens=* usebackq" %%G in (`dir "\\%PC%\C$\Documents and Settings" /A:D /B`) do (
 del "\\%PC%\C$\Documents and Settings\%%G\Desktop\icon.url"

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^ ... even if icon.url does not exist in the "Documents and Settings" folder, but only it its sub-folders, the command above will delete this file from all the sub-folders.
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