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wireless routers

Last Modified: 2010-04-24
Hi guys, I am buying my daughter a laptop for xmas which is wireless ready. But how do I go about connecting it up to my desktop.
I have a compaq Presario 061 and dont know where to start
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hi , thats just it I dont know what devices I have , can you give me some pointers to what or where I can find the info you require.
I promise you I am a complete novice " bless my little cotton socks "
What do you have for internet? DSL, Cable, dial-up?
We are not worried about your main computer but all the other boxes you have around it to connect to the internet what are the names and model numbers on them? and what is connected to what?

Do any of them have an antenna? if so then they have wireless capabilities. if not then you will need to buy a wireless capable router when you get her laptop.


right I have the following network adapters (according to my device manager )
Realtek RTL8139/810x family fast ethernet NIC
Ambit cable modem 351000 ( no antenna ) just broadband connection
1394 Net adapter
hope this helps
I would say that what you basically need is a Wireless Router.

But yes, if you can give us more info we can help you out a lot more.

How does your computer connects to the Internet (Phone, ethernet, USB, Cable) (Who do you pay your internet to?)
Does the ISP (Internet Service Provider) gave you any devices, if yes, can you list them?
Sorry I didn't updated the post.

Probably you have Cable.

What I would do is get a Wireless Router.

This new device will conect to the CableModem and the Desktop and wirelesly to the new laptop.

usually the wireless routers have a step by step guide to help you set up everything.


will i need a network card or is it listed in the devices i posted
This one is on us!
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can i accept one answer at christmas when I sort the laptop out with the wireless router or do I have to award the points now
I don't know.

GOOD luck and you're welcome.
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