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How do I hide shared folder on Windows 2003?

Last Modified: 2013-12-23
I'm trying to make a folder hidden from my network, but still keep it fully shared. It's actually a roaming profile folder in a shared folder. I tried appending a dollar sign ($) at the end like this "PROFILES$" but everyone can still see it in clear sight in workstation's network places. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is it because the profile folder is a subfolder to a shared folder so it doesn't work? How do I hide it?
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Nicholas IlerIT Technical Engineer

We accomplish this task with a tool from Microsoft call Access Based Enumeration:

Once you install this tool. Folders and files that a user does not have access to will be hidden automatically.



I understand what that does, but it's not what I need. The folder I'm trying to hide is SUPPOSED to be fully shared. It's a roaming profile folder so the clients need full access to the folder. But I just don't want the folder to show up in network places when the workstation users are poking around the shared files. Even though they have full access to the folder, they have no need to see what's in it. So how do I hide that one shared folder but still give full access to it?
Nicholas IlerIT Technical Engineer

When you mapped the drive did you also append the "$" to the end of the share to let the computer know that this drive is to stay hidden? ( Map: "\\SERVER\SHARE$" )
This article describes the complete process:

This trial software will also hide drive letters other than the basic drives built into the ADM file:

I have seen profile hacks that do this as well.

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