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Ntbackup setup

2signetops asked
I have three windows 2003 servers backing up to 1TB drive being shared off one of the servers.
The problem is I can't log off the server, because there backing up to a network share.
How can i configure "NTBACKUp" so that the backups can run when I'm logged off.
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Script the backups and schedule them to run under a user account.  Then use a UNC as the path to store the data.

You can use my script either in practice or as a guide - see http://www.lwcomputing.com/mysoftware.asp


I got it to work by using scheduled taks and instead of putting in the Drive letter for the share I just put in the UNC and it worked. Thanks for the script though I'm going to try it out it sounds like the emailing function will be real useful.