Automated reports randomly fail in Crystal Reports Server: "failed to retrieve data from the database"

i have a group of reports that i have loaded into Central Management Console / Infoview and have scheduled to run at various intervals.

occasionally, a report will fail with an error similar to this:
Error in File E:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\Data\procSched\RServer.reportjobserver\~tmpe3c505dcf81380.rpt: Failed to retrieve data from the database. Details: [Database Vendor Code: -1812 ]

however, if i reschedule to report, sometimes it will succeed.  or, if i run the report manually, it will succeed.  so i know it's not a problem with the report, or with the options i'm using to run the report.

what could be causing this problem?
if it matters, the DB i'm connecting to is MS Access.
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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperAsked:
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MIKESoftware Solutions ConsultantCommented:
This is usually related to an inability to connect to the datasource...because the datasource is either being accessed at the same time...(if live data..or a source system) is in backup or restore...???

Basically it is what it is not able to connect at that particular time......


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MIKESoftware Solutions ConsultantCommented:
I've also see this when there are some strange table LINKS going on in the report.......

Mike McCrackenSenior ConsultantCommented:
Is it always the same report?

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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperAuthor Commented:
no, it's not always the same report... although it is happening with a growing number of reports.

for example, i had report X scheduled to run last week and it failed.  i rescheduled it and it succeeded
i had report Y scheduled and it failed, and so i rescheduled it and it failed again.  i ran it manually and it succeeded.
report Z failed the first 2 times i scheduled it, and succeeded the third time i scheduled it.

this week, the above reports again failed, but report W also failed.

at this point, about half the reports are failing on their initial scheduled run time.  the rest are successful.

these reports all use the same MS Access DB, but they do not overlap during run time (and even if they did, shouldn't that be ok since it's a database and the ODBC is READ ONLY mode?)
MIKESoftware Solutions ConsultantCommented:
Are your scheduled reports trying to access the database during a scheduled BACKUP....?
MIKESoftware Solutions ConsultantCommented:
I don't think the "read only" designation has any bearing on it. You can still run into problems on readonly DB's especially if the DB is a source system..and not a WAREHOUSE or DATAMART.

Are you sure there are not any strange LINKS in these reports. Maybe a report that takes too long to process...and so it errors out...?
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperAuthor Commented:
it's not a linking issue... because the report used to run fine.

i think the issue is that the dataset has grown too large for Access.

i moved the data over to SQL and created views that match what i had in Access.  reports are running fine now.
MIKESoftware Solutions ConsultantCommented:
Ohhh yes.....SQL beats a LONG shot......

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