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Need to control the running of workstation apps at a middle school from Win Server 2003

Last Modified: 2010-04-20
OK, I'm an IT type at a middle school.  We have a few apps installed on about 90 WinXP Pro workstations that logon to the school WinXP Server 2003 domain.  I would like to be able to "toggle" on and off the availablility of some of these apps by maybe a VBS script running at a certain time of day.

Basically, there are a few apps like the Kid Programming Language, Photoshop, etc. that we would like to only be available each day in the afternoon or during a certain time period.  I understnad that this task would be much simpler if the apps were installed on the server rather than installed on each workstation.

Is anything like this possible?

Thanx, Jim in Florida
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The only thing i can think of, without purchasing something that can do it. Woule be a VBscript that runs on the machine at a given time to change the permissions, perhaps on the exceutable, to diallow the users to execute it...
Do you have individual accounts for each student or is each workstation given a generic account?

If each student has an account, you can create groups with permissions to each program's executable and then put those students that need access to the programs into those groups.

If each computer has a generic account, you could create multiple accounts for that workstation and each account has access to a certain set of programs. You can limit the user account to only be used during certain times of the day (but you'd have to modify the times if there are minimum days, etc).


Yes, each middle school kid as their own logon account to the domain.  

So, here is an idea that I had this afternoon.  If I were to put each students desktop folder on the server, I can then control what shortcuts they have.  I could remove and re-add them at different times of the day.  If (and when) they get too smart and just use the Programs menu to find the restricted apps, I would have to logon to each workstation with Admin privilege and delete that normal shortcut.

Would that work?
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This one is on us!
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Indeed, but I do believe that is what he asked for. I did this at a school, and it worked perfectly. Only problem was the little buggers found out how to use proxies to get on myspace adn other sites.
I agree that you need to have an extremely locked-down network at school sites. Kids have more free time than we do and that can be dangerous if you don't have tight security.
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