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Is 200mb BIG for a SQL database?

Last Modified: 2008-02-01
Hey there

just a quick question really

my new hosting company have given me a 200mb sql server database and a 50mb sql express database

my question really is this - how big is 200mb really - i have the option to split the 200mb database down into 2 or more databases and i was thinking of splitting it into 2 with one database having ad management and the other database being used for the main site

the sql dtabase is currently used for a forum

is 200mb or say 50b for the ad database a big enough size ?  

assuming 4,000 hits a week - will the database be okay ? assuming that everytime someone hits the site the hits are logged in the ad management system

same goes for the main site too


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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing Engineer
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200 MB is rather small.
now, that is only half of the picture, because the second question is:

is 200MB big enough or too small for what you will need?
and that is only you that can answer..


can anyone recommend a hosting company who give a large sql database size?

Top Expert 2007

If you're in the UK, give http://www.hostingsystems.co.uk/sqlserverhosting.asp a try
They're not cheap though.
Anywhere else, try http://www.websecurestores.com/ or http://www.aquesthosting.com/ , with some different options for size/price.

Those are the only ones I can think of for the moment for SQL 2005. If you can consider other excellent DBMS like MySQL and Postgresql then I may have other options.
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200MB will get you through a simple WordPress (simple blogging) site for a year and more. But if you're dealing with media like songs (~50), videos (~1?) then 200MB is pretty hopeless.


Im not dealing with media

the database will only really store links etc

i think the reason i asked this question was because my previous websites had to use access for one reason or another and the size of the access database was never bigger than 12mb  and at that size it stored all the database i needed without any issues really.

i just wanted to know if the data is stored the same way with a sql database or does the total size include the log size too? or is max log size a completely different thing (p.s im new to using sql databases).

Thanks for the links so far guys gonna check them out too


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This one is on us!
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thanks buddy i think i may risk halfing the database to 100mb?

what do u think

my hosting company give me the option to split the database

i can then use 100mb for the main site and 100mb for ads

in fact 150mb for main should be good and 50mb for ads

(p.s for an average sized forum is 25mb okay)?

say a forum with say 800 members?
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My host gives me 4GB at $5.95 per month. But if you only get that little (and don't use much) then both your options sound ok to me.


sounds great - who is your host by the way (for future ref)

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www>siteground>com  -- not giving them any free ads :)
I see they upped the storage to 750GB. (not MB, GB).  mysql db size counts in there.

I use mySQL/php more for personal stuff, SQL+asp for work
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