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converting a pms to a cymk

Last Modified: 2016-05-18
I need to convert a file in Adobe Illustrator 10.0 from cymk to PMS to get an exact match when printing.  I am trying to match a mitsubishi green c=70 y =56 m=0 k=0  can anyone help me in finding the closest pms to this or show me how to convert pms in illustrator?
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PANTONE 3395 C is as close as you can get.
C74,M0,Y52,K0  I used Corel Draw to get the value from the CMYK


thank you so much, I had no idea how to do this, I have corel and don't even know where to look for pantones and the such, I am still such an ametuer,  This completely solved my problem.

In Corel it is in the fill tool. Plug in the CMYK values and then click the Pallette tab
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I agree with BongSoo, you should always use a pantone swatch and have the printer match it.  
I don't know about the rest of you, but I have been using Color Impact from Tiger Color. It is such an awesome color utility and I have always had great results in finding and comparing colors.

you can download a trial version from http://www.tigercolor.com/ 

Check it out... it's a great tool to have around when you face color issues in your designs.
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This one is on us!
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>>buy either

by either, sorry for the typos...
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The answers up there explain the issue perfectly. PMS is not a colour system but a matching system of an ink with a number reference. You can colour an area of a piece of artwork in solid red pms 485 and tell the printer to plate this and use PMS 294 blue to print it. It is meaningless to try and convert a colour in a piece of artwork.

The common practice is to colour the area true black as a goth colour in CMYK and percentages therefore and then choose an ink from a PMS book and tell the printer to match that black plate with a PMS reference.

Like telling a decorator to paint your bedroom mauve...  (don't!)

BongSoo gave the correct answer. The asker was a bit over his head and BongSoo set him on the straight path. The other 'experts' were trying their best but clearly didn't have the background in commercial printing that was necessary to formulate an answer.

Captain then came in with the necessary background information so that the asker could understand WHY BongSoo's answer was correct.

Recommend a 50/50 split BongSoo and captain.

David Brugge
Area Advisor
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