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What the best way to collect data from users via the internet?

dhapp asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-05
I have a very small business writing MsAccess dbs for small businesses.  I am comfortable in VBA.
One of my clients collects data from employees into an Access db.  He would like me to develop a way in which he could have a form on the web where employees could login (username and password) and post the data that they have collected.
What the easiest way for this to happe?
I have looked at Data Access Pages and Active Server pages and can't decide where I should be devoting my energies learning.
I have researched both topics on the web.  Some of the information is over my head right now.
I need some basic information like:
What environment and tools do I need for development?  I have one computer with Vista Home Premium and another with XP Pro.
What software do I need?  I have Front Page.
How do I test out the code that I write?
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b0lsc0ttIT Manager

Will the employees be using a public website for this?  It sounds like that is the case.

I would say ASP is what you want.  The language for ASP is vbscript.  You will need a web server with an MS OS.

Let me know what other info will help to get you started.  Will you be developing  the scripts, etc yourself?  Vbscript and the type of page you need is not difficult if you are.  Many of the books on ASP will even have cases for you to work on like what you need.



Thanks so far.
Yes, public website.
"a web server with an MS OS."
So I already have an MS OS but what do I use for a web server?
As for developing the script -- I hope to use existing scripts and modify them for my particular needs.
How do you create the link between the db and the script?
Thanks for the help.
IT Manager
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b0lsc0ttIT Manager

I'm glad I could help.  I noticed you closed this with a B though.  For such a general question asking for basic info it would seem a little harsh.  I provided a lot of info and details for what you asked, especially when this question could be a few questions to get good details.  Sorry you couldn't get your application written here but that was a little unrealistic. :)

If there is some other info that you need that would make a difference then let me know.  It is nice to have a chance to earn the A and I certainly have no problem working for it, even putting in more work.  It was a fun question.  I'm sorry you weren't more satisfied although it would be nice to know exactly why the B and to have had a chance to earn the A.



I'm sorry that I offended you by the B rating.
I was hoping for some more specifics for getting started on this venture.
"You usually use IIS (Internet Information Service).  This machine has a Windows OS and IIS installed and running.  Usually this machine would just be used as a web server."
How do I get IIS?
"This machine...."   What machine, the one you are typing on, my machine?  Is IIS a machine?  Is it hardware or software?
 I want to learn how to write the code, check that the code produces the right display in a web environment, and check that the connection to the db is producing the appropriate results.
I didn't look at my question as being general.
You answered my questions, some better than others.  One had links for references.  The IIS part was where I felt lost.
On a scale of 1 to 100 I would give you 88 (B+), EE only allows three grading increments.
I didn't realize how important this evaluation was to you.
Should we consider our conversation?

b0lsc0ttIT Manager

Thanks for the reply.  I'm not offended.  I was definitely confused and maybe did feel wronged.  Thanks for your explanation.  Don't think my comments were because I felt your grade was an evaluation of me, I was just curious about your reasoning.

I don't understand your last comment (Should we consider our conversation?).  If your question really wasn't meant to be general then I suggest you post new, specific ones; one for each of the specific questions you mentioned in your reply.  You will get better results and maybe even appreciate the general info I provided more.  :)

Good luck.

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