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I want a fill-in form that will send data directly to an Excel file.

Last Modified: 2010-04-06
I want a fill-in form on my web page that will send the input data directly to an Excel file.
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There are several approaches you could take with varying degrees of complexity, time to imlement, and automated functionality they can provide.  Here are some possibilities off the top of my head:
- the web code connects directly to a server-side Excel spreadsheet i.e. treat Excel as if it were a database
- store all your data from the web form in a real database (e.g. Access, SQL Server) and create another administrator's web page that provides you the records in a CSV format
- store all your data from the web form in a real db and create another administrator's web page that displays the records in tabular format which you can then copy and paste directly from the web page directly into a spreadsheet
- store all your data from the web form in a db then regularly download a copy of the database to your local computer where you can do with the data what you will
- code your web form to e-mail each submission to you in a specific format that you can then dump into an Excel spreadsheet
- don't use Excel at all but do your reporting or aggregation of data from your code or tools provided by or for your database of choice (e.g. Access reports)

The important questions really, therefore, are: why do you want this to be in Excel?  What do you intend to do with the Excel spreadsheet?  How much data are you talking about in terms of number of users and submissions?  How much data are you talking about in terms of size of each submission?


The only web forms I have now are in HTML and access a file in the CGI-BIN called Formmail.pl
This program ,of course, does not accomplish what I want.

What do I need to do to write web forms that will put the data into (as you suggest) an ACCESS db?
Maybe I'm in completely over my head!


I guess I should further explain. I maintain a web page for a cat rescue group. Prospective adoptors fill out an on line Adoption application (my current web form). The rescue workers have been storing hard copies of the applications and/or hand typing the data into an Excel spread sheet. Ther are approximately 25 data field in the application, which is submitted once. We probably have 10-30 applicants per month, and keep the information indefinately. When we have available rescue cats we try to match them up with a prospective adoptor.
This one is on us!
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