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How to use blackberry browser and how to enable MDS service on blackberry server

Last Modified: 2008-02-22
We have Blackberry Enterprise server 4.1 and we like to use blackberry browser in blackberry device.

- I like to know what are the configurations required on Blackberry device and server end.
- To use blackberry browser what are the setting or configuration required at server side
- Any setting need to be done at Firewall side? any port need to be enabled?

On backberry server we have "BlackBerry MDS Connection Service" running but no other MDS service is enabled.
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If you like to browse on the B;ackBerry Devices using the BES (MDS), you need to configure it on the BES. Your BES need also access to the company proxy server (for internet browsing) and you can also browse on the intranet.

For browsing you need the MDS Connection Services (MDS-CS). Select the MDS-CS in the BlackBerry Manager. Click on Edit Properties. Then select Proxy.
There you add:
and by proxy: DIRECT

Next you add:
and by proxy the proxy settings.

The DIRECT and Proxy settings are in a sub screen.

Your intranet configuration must be the first line. The URL mask is as regular expression so .* (dot star) means every character unlimited times.



Hi Bob,

In blackberry manager i've selected "Connection service" --> Edit Properties --> Proxy.

Under "Proxy" we have following setting
HTTP Proxy Enable:True
Proxy Auto Configuration: False

Host name:IP address of proxy server
SSL port : 443
Proxy Mapping: .*//.*

Auto Detect: True

MDS Authentication:
Enabled: False.

Still not able to browse from BB device getting following error:
"Unable to connect to the selected Mobile Data Service, please try again later.
If the problem persists please contact your administrator"

Please suggest.
Gary CutriEnterprise Mobility Engineer

Each time you change the settings for MDS you need to restart the BlackBerry MDS service.


Every thing has been tried still not working.

Is there any special port need to be opened in Firewall or service provider need to enable something on there end
Gary CutriEnterprise Mobility Engineer

The MDS service will use the internet connection of the BES by default to access the web (e.g Port 80).  If you point the MDS service to a proxy server it will use that to access the web.  Just ensure you have entered the proxy mappings correctly (e.g. correct server name or IP and proxy port).


We are planning to open case with RIM
Maybe you have also installed the MBS Serivce, and not good configured. For browsing you need the MDS Connection Service (the MDS Services is not needed for browsing).

Enterprise Mobility Engineer
This one is on us!
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We have selected BB server in MDS tab under Blackberry configuration tool.
I am sure the final answer was only a part of the problem and answer to all the questions. If you read he had not done any of the steps form garycutri and me. So I think we both need some points....


Force accepted.
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