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Dynamic Tree View

IT79637 asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-12
I would like to build a web based horizontal tree view using php and mysql.  The application is to  build a computer job scheduling system. Each system, for example General Ledeger, Accounts Payable, Customer, Payroll etc will be assigned a System Identification (SID). The SIDs listed previous are GLS, APS, CIS and PAY respectively.  Attached to each of the SIDS will be the applications for that SID. Each Application is made up of one or more jobs that execute on an application server.

In a frame on the left side of the browser, I want to list all the SIDS.  When I click on a SID, I want to see the all the applications for that SID.   Here is an example for a General Ledger System:

  |__Backup Database
  |__Restore Database
  |__Accounts Payable Interface (inbound)
  |__Payroll Interface (inbound)
  |__Post Journal Entry
  |__Daily Posting
  |__Month End
  |__Monthly Closing
  |__Year End Closing
  |__Print Business Unit Reports
  |__print Accounting Journals & Balances
  |__Print Year End Reports

I propose the following tables:
  sid-primary key
  descr- SID description (GLS)

  sid-primary key (pk
  descr - application description (Post Journal Entries)

  descr - job descr (post journal entries to ledger)

I would like to be able to expand the tree view by clicking on it. Clicking on a SID will expand to show all the applications for that SID.  Clicking on an APPLICATION will open a list all the jobs for that application.  When I click on a JOB  I will be directed to a new page designed to maintain SIDs, Applications, Jobs including all the details necessary data to execute a job, such as job predecessors & successors, calendar, start time, command line to start job, etc.

Here is my question, how do I build a web page with a frame on the left side to display the tree view using the database structure I proposed above?  Once I get down to the lowest level, which is the job level, I would display a web page to add a new job, delete a job or modify a job.

When a node is opened/closed, can it be done with a generic java script routine so I don't have to make a round trip to the server to display the information?

Some actual code would be very helpful.

Thanks much.
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The 4 websites all had great products. The www.treeview.net coding was a little complicated.  I liked the last one where it generated the code for you.

Thanks much!
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