Can I create different links in different frames in an amimated gif

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I crreated an animated gif using Adobe photoshop/image ready
I have 15 different frames and each frame has different logos. Is it possible to have the different logo graphics in the different frames, link to a different site. In some of the fames, I have up to 2 3 logos, and each one needs to link to it's own site

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Unfortunately this function for imageready and photoshop has not been created. The only way I can think of doing this is possibly having a script written using time rotation etc. But on a site you can link it using a function like on a baord it would be [link] [/link]or something.


Thanks for your quick reply - what do you mean a function like in a baord [link]

Is there another graphictool  that I can usem that supports this

As I said previously Adobe usually has the first of these functions so another tool having this function is highly unlikely. And as for the board I was assuming you used forums. Certain sites/forums contain scripts that allows you to insert one link into a image file but only contains to that particular site.
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An animated GIF is only an image, it can't even contain *a* link, nevermind multiple links.  In your webpage's HTML you'd wrap the <a href=""> tag around your <img src="animated.gif"> tag to create the link.

You *could* use a bit of Javascript to make the active link for your image change every few seconds, but synchronising the rotation of the logos in the animation and the changing links in Javascript would be difficult or impossible.

I think that you'd be far better off using a very basic Flash animation because you could still use the frames of your animated GIF, but then you could assign each one a different link.  I don't think Photoshop can export a Flash animation, but Xara Xtreme certainly can: you can get a 30 day trial from and if you watch the video at I reckon you could learn what you need to do within an hour, max two.

Xara Xtreme is a great little program, cheap (US$79), but not widely used or known.  That doesn't mean it isn't good - it just means that the developers are crap at marketing!  Give it a go - you'll be able to achieve exactly what you need right now, and I'd confidently say, more things in the future too.


Red London,
Thanks for the info - I have flash which I know the basics. Is Xara Xtreme easier to use and to update as I add new logos. If so, it would be worth the $79 investment
If you know how to use Flash, use that.  I have Flash installed too, but I rarely ever use it.  Use the Xtreme free trial for your current project and see how you get on.

Xtreme is astoundingly easy to use, but make no mistake - its Flash export is basic in comparison with the Flash application itself: Xara is an illustration program with a Flash export for basic animations, not a scriptable swf development application.

Is it worth the $79 investment?  I'd pay $799 for it - I think it is fantastic, and I use it daily for virtually all of my graphics and artwork for web and print.    It is offensively good value for money!


I just downloaded Xara and will try it. If I can assign different link to different graphics in each frame then this tool wil be perfect
You can do that no problem: File -> New Animation to start a new animation.

Place your graphics on the page and select a graphic then press CTRL+SHIFT+W or via the menus choose Utilities -> Web Address or right click your selection and choose Web Address from the context-sensitive menu.

You can then enter the link for that object, choose the target to set (new window, same window etc), and unless your logos overlap I'd suggest selecting "Rectangle surrounding object" in the "Clickable area" option - makes it easier for your users to hit the link (but is obviously invisible and draws nothing over your images).

Best to spend a couple of minutes watching the movie at the first link I entered above so that you know where you'll be heading.

=o Wow thats a new for me.ill be sure to chekc that out


The Xara tool is great - I was able to do exactly what I needed. Thanks again
Great - glad you like it.  I love it. has busy Xara-related forums in case you get stuck with anything and has lots of tutorials you can practice with.

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