high selectivity concept

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these days am studying Index in  sql server , i read some confusing terminology !! like (high/low selectivity)
can any body help me to understand wat that means? but please explin by EXAMPLes!!!!
and simplify you explanation
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the selectivity is what goes with the cardinality concept.
the "cardinality" refers to the number of "distinct" values, as in the set theory

so, take a column "SEX". the possible values are "male" and "female" (ignoring for the moment other possible values like "unknown" or even "other" ) ...
so, your cardinality for that column would be 2, no matter how many rows you have in that table.

the selectivity is the "number of rows" / "cardinality", so if you have 10K customers, and search for all "female", you have to consider that the search would return 10K/2 = 5K rows, so a very "bad" selectivity.

the column for the primary key on the other side is "unique", and hence the cardinality is equal to the number of rows, by definition.
so, the selectivitiy for searching a value in that column will be 1, by definition, which is the best selectivity possible

hope that clarifies the concept of cardinality and selectivity


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