CRViewer export button not working

We have a custom made application that uses Crystal Reports 8.5.  Using an application called Report Navigator we can create customized reports for clients to run. The reports displays ok on the screen but the client is unable to export the report to any other format. This is usually possible by clicking on a button that will bring up a window listing a number of choices to export to such as PDF, Excel, Text file, etc. When the client click on the export button nothing happens.
This application is currently loaded and working properly on a different server. It was not until we decided to install it on another server that we started having this problem. The server where the application is not working has the same operating system and all patches needed applied. We have done some research on the internet and read about DLLs that need to be present on our servers. They all seem to be on both sides unless we are missing some. We even went as far as loading Crystal Reports 8.5 on the server where the application is having the problem but still did not make a difference.
I just wanted to mention that I am not too familiar with the programming or usage of Crystal Reports as I am not the one who creates the reports so I might have to rely your suggestions to others in our team.
I thank you in advance for your time.
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Ido MilletProfessor of MIS at Penn State Erie and Owner, Millet SoftwareCommented:
The export dll's are probably missing from that machine.

- Ido

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jimmckenzieAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response. That might very well be. Could you please, list the DLL that I should have and which path I should have them so I can confirm if that is the case.

jimmckenzieAuthor Commented:
Any thoughts, anyone?

thanks in advance for your help
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jimmckenzieAuthor Commented:
Well, I got it to work!!
I would have like to get more detailed information on the answer given to me earlier but I guess it was good enough lead for me to do some more research on this issue and find out what the solution was.
Here is what I gathered and helped me to fix the problem:

Exporting requires 2 dlls, one for the Type (pdf, Excel, etc) and one for the Destination (Application, Disk, Mapi, etc). On a machine where Crystal Reports have been installed, the dlls are located in C:\Winnt\Crystal (on a Win2k machine) or C:\Windows\Crystal (on a Windows 2003 machine). They need to be at C:\Windows\System32 for the export feature to work. If they are missing  you need to get them from a Crystal CD or just from another machine where you have the software already insatlled and working.

These are the dll files pertaining to destination that need to be copied over

These are the dll files pertaining to type that need to be copied over

Then make sure this dll is also in c:\windows\system32 and it is registered.

You should try registering the dlls using RegSvr32 command Not all DLLs require registration via RegSvr32, they simply have to be present in the \System32 folder to be loaded upon demand.

Hopefully this will help someone out there with the same problem!!!

jimmckenzieAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tip. I would have wanted to see more details on your answer such as the one I posted as I am not a Crystal Report user but it was good enough for me to search on the internet for the solution
Thank you so much I was searching for this for about a week. This fixed the problem

This worked for me.  I copied all those files above, from the actual Crystal Report 8.5 Install CD, and placed them on the C:\windows\system32 folder, on a Server 2003.  Hope this helps to all.
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