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Scheduled Task Notification

I have batch file run automatically via server 2003 scheduled tasks.  The batch file is copying a fixed backup drive to a removable drive for rotations, it would be nice to be notified via e-mail if that copy has finished.  Is there a way to accomplish this?
@echo off
del /s /q E:\Backup
xcopy F:\BVRC01_Backup E:\Backup /E

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I haven't tried it but how about this http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Email_Tools/Misc__Mail_Tools/V_Mailer.html

It should allow you to send mails from the command line in dos or in batch files.


Sorry just in case that was unclear...
If you use that piece of software (it's freeware), you could add the command to send the mail to the end of you batch script scipt.

There is more info at http://www.virdi-software.com/vmailer/

The command is of the format:

Usage: VMAILER.EXE FileName SmtpServer To From User Password

FileName = name of text file containing the message
SmtpServer = server name or IP address e.g. smtp.domain.com
To = recipient's address e.g. him@domain.com
From = sender's address e.g. me@domain.com
User = (optional) user name if authentication reqd.
Password = (optional) password if authentication reqd.

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You can use blat.exe (http://www.blat.net/) to send the email after xcopy is done, and attach xcopy's output to the email, for example like this:

@echo off
set LogFile=C:\Temp\BackupLog.log
del /s /q E:\Backup
xcopy F:\BVRC01_Backup E:\Backup /E >>"%LogFile%" 2>&1
blat.exe "%LogFile%" -server <MailServer> -f backup@your.domain.com -t Recipient@your.domain.com -s "Backup finished with errorlevel %Errorlevel%"

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