Visio 2007. Error 126 when attempting to do a "Save As" to a network directory

The exact error I am getting is:

"An error (126) occurred during th eaction Save As.

Visio cannot save the file you selected."

whenever a user tries to do a "Save As" of a file into a network directory. They can do a save as if it's on their own computer, then move the file to the correct network location, but this can be an annoyance if you are working with many Visio files.

I've checked the permissions on the folders, ran the program as an Administrator, turned off my firewall and anti-virus program, but nothing seems to work. I have also found no information on error 126.

Thank you for any help given.
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I have the same problem and have found I can 'save as' to a different location (in my case the desktop) and then copy overtop of the original... not really a solution but a workaround

Cheers, Laurel
err i probably should have read your post completely!
Were you able to fix this issue?
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rossg59Author Commented:
No. This problem is still present on all of our Visio 2007 installations.
My problem has gone, i presume an update has fixed this as I didn't do anything else about it so it would be worth applying all the latest updates.
rossg59Author Commented:
For anyone else that has had this problem the solution that I found was to disable the WebClient service. Afterwards I was able to do a SaveAs on Visio documents.
Disabling WEb Client service does not help!
Hello, If you open an existing document and go to File | Save As and choose a
network drive you get the error: "An error (126) occurred during the action
Save As.  Visio cannot save the file you selected."  
Client is running SBS 2003 SP2.  Workstations all run Windows XP.  Can
repeat the error on all stations running 2007.  I applied SP1 for Visio last
night on one computer and test as follows:   Opened a blank document and
saved it, then went to File | Save As and changed the name, click on Save,
then the error comes up.  

Right now my client has to save files to their local workstation and then
manually copies the files up to their server.  They had 1 visio user, then
recently bought 5 additional licenses of 2007 and are quite upset this is
occurring for the new users.

Thanks in advance!
In our case, this was caused simply by running out of disk space (actually, network quota).  Bumped up the user's quota, and the problem went away.

Informative messages (Error 126) are so nice!
rossg59Author Commented:
For anyone that is still having the problem:

I found that with CA eTrust Anti-Virus it thinks .vsd files are virus files and blocks them when you try to save them onto the network. I found that there are two ways to get around this... Turn off scanning network files, or exclude .vsd files from being scanned.

This fully resolved the problem. I posted a bit hastily before and found that I was able to save some files onto the network depending on file name (really weird...). I did some more work and found this to work 100% of the time. For our company at least.
The client used CA and we had to exclude vsd files from the server, so the solution goes to rossq59.
rossg59Author Commented:
I found that with CA eTrust Anti-Virus it thinks .vsd files are virus files and blocks them when you try to save them onto the network.   You must log into the CA eTrust console and exclude .vsd files from being scanned.

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I realize that this may be closed although i was able to resolve my issue by checking the DFS network share and closing the users open files. It appears that the user had only read permissions to their home directory. Closing their files/connection to the DFS (Network Share) allowed for the re-connection and proper security to take effect.
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