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I have a PE 2800 which will not power on.  The green light on the power supply indicates that a power source is present no other lights come on, on the the power supply.  Please note I have replaced the power supply and I still have the same problem.
I don't have a remote access card installed and I have removed the Bios battery, memory, hard drives and removed the riser card from the rear of the server but still nothing.  I have removed each of the processor's in turn and swapped the sockets used and still nothing.  The light on the LCD screen comes on on the front but does not report any problems other than chassis intrusion.  The green light flashes on and off on the power button and when I press the power button nothing happens not even the cooling fans come on.
I suspect either the motherboard but need a second opinion.  Can someone help shed some light on this matter.
Many thanks for any help given.
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Sounds like MB problem to me.
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Sounds like the Mobo, but could still be the Power supply.  Any way to swap that with another.
I believe that you are right and the motherboard is the root cause.  The power distribution components are integrated to the motherboard and that is what I suspect.  The riser is a required part of this system posting so removing it doesn't really help much.  Also, there are multiple versions of the motherboard and riser so if the motherboard is replaced, the riser may need to be replaced also.  It kind of serves as an extension of the motherboard.  The raid controller is actually on the riser too.  If you are not getting any beep codes, even with all the memory removed and the fans are not spinning up, then I am pretty sure motherboard is what you will need.
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10-4 will all the rest mob is the next to replace
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The last method you can try before swapping the mboard is draining down the power. Unplug your power cord hit and hold your power button for 5 seconds. Boot it up with only one memory dimm.



New MB installed and all is working OK

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