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Coldfusion 8 - chchart not working using Coldfusion.navigate

After upgrading to CF8 and changing from frames to cflayout I know cant use cfgraph.  I've simplified the code to show what happens.  First page (home.cfm) has cflayout areas and one of them has a link that navigates to chart.cfm targeting a specifif layout area.  If I run chart.cfm by itself the chart shows up, but with the Coldfusion.navigate link, I get a generic error "Error processing javascript in markup".  It seems cfchart doesnt work when linked to via Coldfusion.navigate.

Here's the code:
<cflayout type="border" name="layoutborder">
	<cflayoutarea name="Center" position="center">
	<a href="#" onclick="ColdFusion.navigate('chart.cfm','Center')">chart</a>
<cfchartseries type="line" serieslabel="2008">
	<cfchartdata item="January" value="100">		

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