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Terminal Services License Server

cssunetadmin asked
We have a domain and are trying to add a new terminal server.  When we try to connect to the licensing server, we receive a message that says it is unable to connect to the licensing server.  The machines can ping each by IP and name.  The environment is a WIN2k3 SP2. The current licensing server is activated and displays the correct number of licenses as being installed.  We have installed both terminal services and terminal server licensing on the new server.
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What is the exact error you receive? Does anything get logged in the event log on the Terminal Server or License server?

You say the machines can ping each other, but then say they are on the same machine? Do you have multiple Terminal Servers? Do all the TS's have the same problem? Are they on the same Network or seperated by a firewall?


The exact message is "No Terminal Server license server is available in the current domain or workgroup. To connect to another license server, click Action, click Connect, and then type the server name.

The two servers are on the same network in the same workgroup.
So you are trying to open the license console from the second server and connect to the first server?

I'm just trying to understand your problem a little more.


Yes, that is what we are trying to do.

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