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Allow non-domain users to use project server using Project professional

I have completed configuring Project 2003, using enterprise features and domain accounts synchronized from active directory, I have couple of question actually:
- can i syncronize multiple OU from active directory (less important)
the main question is I have some users in work gorup, how can i configure project server to allow them to use project pro using windows accounts, if they are joined to the domain it works fine, but if a domain user tries to use different account or they r in work group they cannot.
can someone tell me how to configure it
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You really should split multiple questions into, well, multiple questions.

1) OU's don't matter for AD synchronization, Project Server only cares about Groups. Groups can contain users from multiple OU's.
2) Windows Authentication will really only work for users in Active Directory. You may be able to get it to work with accounts created on the local Server machine, but I don't recommend that.
You should instead use "Project Server Authenticated" and set the work group users up with accounts that way.

In case your next question is how to synchronize accounts for the work group users: you can't. They aren't in the Active Directory you are trying to synchronize with, so they can't be synchronized.

James Fraser
Solutions Architect
1) project server can only sync OUs I tested that
2)This didn't answer my question, I found it, to use windows authentication users has to be logged into the domain, or they will have to use project server account. bad thing, can someone refund the points please

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