Sorting by incoming e-mail address instead of "From"

So the problem is when a user sorts by the from field, they get bad results.  There is more than one user named "John", and they have three different e-mail addresses, but they are in the same sorting group.  The only way to tell them apart is to click on each message.  Also, if "John" sends from home, he may have "John Doe" as his name, his work account is "John" and mail from his phone shows up as "Johnissupergreat".  So now there are 3 groups scattered all over outlook from the same e-mail address, but sorting is impossible.  

Can I just sort by incoming mail, so anyone sending from is all grouped together?

I know you can just search, but the user does not want that.
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To sort the emails in your Outlook Inbox by email address:

    * Select View | Arrange By | Current View | Customize Current View... from the menu.
    * Click the Sort button.
    * Make sure All Mail Fields is selected under Select available fields from: at the bottom of the dialog that comes up.
    * Select criteria for sorting using the Then by fields.
    * Click OK.
mlisupportAuthor Commented:
Isn't that going to be the same thing as just clicking on the "from" field on the main page?  or is there an e-mail address field I am missing?  The "e-mail account" field seems to be for a user having multiple recieving accounts, not sorting by incoming email address.
There are other options that you may want to sort by.  Look at the fields suggested. These are the only way to sort.

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mlisupportAuthor Commented:
I guess you just cannnot do it.  Thanks for responding!
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