How/Can you transfer all of the logins/passwords from a SQL 2005 server to a SQL 2000 server?

I have over 2000 SQL accounts on a SQL 2005 server.  I have a database which has to reside on a SQL 2000 server, but needs the same logins.  Typically I would run a script to copy the logins and passwords between two instances of 2005....and I have a script to do the same from 2000 to 2005....but it doesn't seem to work going from 2005 to 2000.  Has anyone ever done that before?  If so what is the script that will perform that action?

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AkermanITAuthor Commented:
I was trying that.  I have the procedure created, but when I run it the result I get is 'msg 208, level 16, state 1, procedure sp_help_revlogin, line 12.  Invalid object name 'master..sysxlogins'.  I'm assuming that is because I'm running on 2005....
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probably. look for a similar table in 2005. this table would include the userids. I don't have 2005 so i can't verify which table. sorry.
Faiga DiegelSr Database EngineerCommented:
its probably the logins are orphan. I remember I had this problem before and I cant remember how I fixed that. Try this link:

I idea is you have to mapped the  crated logins per database users.
Faiga DiegelSr Database EngineerCommented:
Oh here, try this:

To check for orphan users;
sp_change_users_login 'report'

to fix the orphan login:
sp_change_users_login 'auto_fix', 'orphan_id'
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