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Operation Failed. An Object could not be found

dallasgrp asked
I have a single Outlook 2003 client who was not able to connect to Exchange. The client is using the Exchange MAPI client in cached Exchange mode. The client was caught in an repair loop. I created a new profile and installed the Exchange account. It created the OST just fine and loaded, however after that happened I started to get an error when I hit send and receive. The error was "The Operation Failed: An object could not be found." When the error completed I checked the sync issues folder and saw references to the offline address book. I checked the internet and saw many possible fixes for this.
1) I first tried to go to tools-->send/receive-->Download address book (Did not work)
2) I checked the ESM-->First Storage Group-->Public Folders-->System Folders and checked all the replicas and verified that they were pointing to my single local exchange server. I even tried to delete these replicas to which I got a message that says it cant be deleted because there must be one replica blah blah blah.. In any case I believe that this is ok. One thing I did notice was that I am unable to click and replicas and synchronize the information because the option is grayed out. The account I am logged in with is the admin account and it has all necessary exchange roles. (Did not work)
3)  Finally I deleted the Offline Address Book Default entry under ESM-->Recipients-->Offline Address Book. I then recreated it and right clicked and selected "rebuild" on it. (Did Not Work)

I need more ideas. Sorry for the Novel of an explanation
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Solutions Architect
when did you deleted the offline address list did you made it with the same name, you can do that after 2 weeks only.
you will have to create a new OAL, then force the rbuild and make sure the it is created in the Publick folder by configuring the PF maintenance to run
Stacy SpearPresident/Principal Consultant
Deleting the OAB isn't a drastic issue. However, in the store properties of the mailbox stores, you must select that OAB  to use. Even if the name is the same, the GUID won't be and that is how the system will look for it.

Hello All,

I had the exact same problem.  I found this fix in another forum and it worked for me.  Took about 5 seconds.  Cheers

that is an offline address list problem.open exchange system manager expand recipients and then click offline address lists at the right you will see default offline address list and right click and click rebuild click YES. this is the server side settings...
now at the client side settings open the outlook 2003 and go to TOOLS -> SEND RECIEVE EXPAND IT AND YOU WILL SEE DOWNLOAD ADDRESS BOOK CLIK IT AND click ok DOWNLOAD IT.
then click send recieve... you will see that the problem will be solved...

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