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Nikon Coolpix creates smoke when taking a picture.

After dropping her Camera, it creates a wisp of smoke after taking a picture with flash. The camera only costs $150, so, sending it to a repair shop seems out of the question. Any suggestions on how to fix or if it's okay to continue using perhaps with flash disabled? Maybe DIY repair suggestions?
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The wisp of smoke is most likely from the high voltage circuit that feeds the flash lamp, interacting with something it shouldn't. If you do decide to repair it yourself keep in mind that there are high voltages present in the flash circuitry of the camera. I would not use the flash until you can get in there and repair the damage because once it does not function at all it will be a lot harder to repair.

If I were to take a guess as to what is wrong I would say a loose connection between the bulb and it's socket. That would create a wisp of smoke yet the flash would still function. Any of the other parts in there would not produce smoke and still function.  Without seeing the camera that is all I can tell you right now. If you take the camera apart and need any further help let me know!

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