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Profile and Printer issues with terminal server

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Last Modified: 2013-11-21
Hi all,

I work in a small accounting office (22 people). We have a domain controller server (srv01) and a data apps server (srv02) running Windows 2003 SP2. The data apps server is running a Terminal Server and all users log into the terminal server from there local machines using Remote Desktop. Everything has run fine since I started here in 2003, but all of a sudden last week when users went to log in they got error messages that their profile could not be found, I worked around this by going to C:\Documents and Settings\user1, while logged in as admin to srv02, and renaming NTUSER.DAT to NTUSER.OLD then having the user relog in.

Then this week all of sudden no one is able to print to the HP Laserjet 4250 that is hooked up to the network, with a ethernet cable, for 3 years with no prior problems. The printer was setup on srv01, then on the local machines it is added as a network printer and prints fine, then the Remote Desktop connection is told to use local printers, but the printer would not show up as a printer anymore. Worked around this by using an old 4050 PCL 6 driver.

My question is - why all of these problems all of a sudden when we've had no issues, except for the network being slow because of too many users loggin onto 1 server, for the past 4 years? And, is there a way to fix this.

Mitch Miller
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Both of those settings are settings that could have been set in group policy....  My guess is that someone applied a group poilcy object in your doamin that is overidding the previous settings.  Look for an object that was created in the last two weeks
Have any hotfixes been applied? Applications? Any messages in the event log at around the time it all stopped working?


There have been no new group policy objects created recently.
There were some  hotfixes done on the 7th of Jan for DirectX and Media Player.
No new applications installed.

In the event log the following error have appeared:

Under System and starting on Monday night which is when the printer problem started.

MrxSMB: The redirector failed to determine the connection type.

Print: Printer HP LaserJet 4250 PCL6 on SRV01 in Session 4 was deleted.

Under Application:
Userenv: Group Policy client-side extension Folder redirection failed to execute.

Userenv: Windows could not log you on because your profile cannot be loaded. Check that you are connected to the network, or that your network is functioning correctly. If this problem persists contact network administration. DETAIL: insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.

I know it's not answering your question about why this has started happening, but why don't you create a the printer on the TS pointing at the HP printer and let users print to this rather than all the users connecting the same printer over the Remote Desktop Connection? This would improve performance slightly for users. Currently the server spools print jobs to the client through RDC which then spools the job to the print server (SRV1) which then sends the job to the printer. You could just send the job direct from the TS to the printer?

Do you use roaming profiles? If so, are the users accounts in AD configured to use a different roaming profile and TS roaming profie?


Sorry I haven't responded in so long, had to go into the hospital for some surgery and have been recovering since then.

I still don't know why the printer stopped working on SRV01, but that is life. I finally just set the printer up as a printer on SRV02 and now it works fine.

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