Printer network port intermittent failure

I have a mulitfunction printer (Copystar 5035) and the network communication port stops working periodically. Printer people say printer is fine and the network is failing, however it is the only device on the network that is failing (changed cables, port connectino on switch, etc.). Does anyone know of a virus / Denial Of Service attack that could effect this printer? Other network problems that may create this issue?
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the first action iwould do is a large ping test
ping -N 500 10.x.x.x this will send 500 packets in a row allow you to see if there is an intermitent issue
plug a laptop in with the same cable and repeat the test but to the laptop ip.

compare the results to see if there is intermitent network interuptions
Is this printer accessed via a print server ? If so is this on a virtual machine? I have run into instances were what your describing has happened on virtual machine print servers, worst yet, I was never able to solve the mystery and just had to move the printer to a physical server (this was on Microsoft Virtual Server, not VMware).
bartteemsAuthor Commented:
This problem has been resolved. A new workstation was instllaed on the network and this machine ran a Dell utility called the "Dell network Assisstant" after disabling and uninstalling this program the printer worked fine. Apparently this utility was pinging, then querying all network devices that responded. This query resulted in the printer going offline. Beware ....

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thats fine
bartteemsAuthor Commented:
This problem was solved by removing the Dell Network Assistant from one of the workstations on the network. It appears that this program queries other network devices in a manner that causes the Kyocera Printer to stop printing.
Closed, 250 points refunded.
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