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How can I clear the file system on a Nokia IP130 Firewall?

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Last Modified: 2013-11-16
I have a Nokia ip130 Firewall installed with 100 licenses (i am getting more as the business has grown). We are having some issues with SMTP in that some messages are coming blank, also Internet Access seems to be slower thatn it should be. I checked the Exchange server and the virus scan software (removed gorupshield and went to Trend Micro Scanmail). Finally I am looking at the firewall. When I go into command line via a serial connection it is telling me i have too many internal hosts (the reason i'm getting more licenses) and it's also telling me the file system is full. I have a feeling this is partly the reason why that email is not coming properly (perhaps the firewall can't process properly with a full file system)
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Hi there,

First thing to check is your /var/log directory - this is the usual suspect as log files can be large and build up quickly - you could delete them or ftp them off to another server. Let me know how you get on, hth.


I can't find any information on the command line interface. How do I get to the /var/log directory let alone delete or ftp data from the directory?

Log in via telnet or ssh with your admin user/pass
cd /var/log
ls -l (list dir contents)
rm <file_to_delete>


i deleted the hourly file which seemed to be the largest. If i delete the file will it just start building again? Are all the files in that folder okay to delete? The telnet login worked great thank!


when I do a df command after logging in it shows:
FileSystem  1K- Blocks   Used           Avail        Capacity    Mounted on
/dev/wd0d  30978766    30969823  -2469358      109%        /var

How do i get to that folder?


deleting the hourly file had no change in the folder size (i think it wasn't the right directory)


ls -l   of the /var/dev directory shows:

crw-------  1 root  wheel  33,  0 Jan 25  12:17  fw0
crw-rw---- 1 root wheel  35,  0  Oct 22  2004  luna0
crw-------  1 root  wheel  34,   0 Jan 25  12:18 vpn0
hi there,

anything under /dev is a device - dev/wd0d is your hard drive in the nokia, - what your output shows is that that device is mounted under /var so you would go to /var and check it and its subdirectories. (cd /var)

What is the output of ls -l in the /var/log directory?

You could do a search for all files over a certain size by doing something like:

find /var -size +1M
find /var -size +1024

These commands (or something like them, see next comment) should return a list of files larger than 1MB in the var directory and subdirs.

You may have to play around with this syntax as IPSO (the OS on your Nokia) does not always behave the same as standard linux.

YOu can find the parameters you can use with this command if you google for "man find."

Let me know how you get on ..


Thanks for all your help. I've able to clear up some room and the emaill issue seems to be gone. Do you know which files i want to avoid deleting?

Anything in the log directory isn't going to have major consequences if you delete it, you might want to copy it somewhere first though if you think you may need to look through logs ..

Glad everything's working for you :-)

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