How to display Math expressions and equations


I am starting a math learning application (in Java) and I am looking for a way (a lib or some code) to draw math equations (roots, fractions, integrals, sums, ...and any combinations of those.

In the app, I'll have many buttons for inserting the symbols and build the equations.

Thank you
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rthrillerAuthor Commented:
It is based on gif fonts limited in size and does not allow interactivity
TeX is one of the standards for Mathmatical typsetting.  It is a powerful beast.
People have been working on translating it into Java.  
Maybe there is a modest subset available.

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Draw (in paint or another program) any math symbol you wish. Save as a gif file and use java to insert the appropriate gif with your button.
rthrillerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your contribution, but answers are far from what I expected, the stuff is an 1999 project that didn"t start, and the " Draw (in paint or another program) any math symbol you wish ", is not a lib neither some code and is a solution that I do not really nead experts to find it.

This seems an unanswerable question, so I am going to close it.

For people that are looking for the same answer, I found this

And there is an old version of this application's source code here 


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I wish I worked, but It's just an editor. Not something that you can embedded in a Java application. Sorry
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