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Exchange 2007 OWA not forwarding attachments

dunersbsquad asked
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Last Modified: 2009-12-16
When I try an forward an email with an attachment whether it is doc, xls, pdf, zip, etc it will not forward.

open the email and click forward and there is no attachment.  And the reciepent does not get the attachemt.  They just get a blank email or just the text of the email.  I can manually add an attachment and its sends fine.  Just no forwarding.

I've tried from several accounts.

Exchange 2007 sp2
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OWA has options for direct file access and wb ready documents depending on "public" or "private" computer settings.
This can be found under Client Access and OWA properties (Server Configuration).   check your OWA properties, there are settings under the "PUBLIC computer file access" and "Private computer File access" .
Hope this helps.


I went through all the options and found nothing on forwading attachments.
Logon using OWA. Open an email containing an attachment.  Does it say that it is blocked on top there?


Nope the attachments open perfectly.  I can even attach a file to a new email.  Just when I go to forward it doesn't show up.


OK it seems I figured it out.  It is one of the options under client access > owa.  After I checked the box for "Enable direct file access" under the public computer file access it started working.  It doesn't make much sense, but it works.

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