How to link multiple web parts (on the same page) and share data between them?

Hi Experts,
Please see the attached image:
We created three items under the Lists,
1.Request IT Support (Include entries such as description, request title, request date, piority etc.)
2.Approve IT Request (Include approval status, assigned to etc)
3.IT Support Analyst (Include solution, completion date etc)
The idea is to have a user group that can submit request through 1, and a management group that can go to 2 to approve/assign the requests, and an analyst group that work on and record the resolution through 3.
The problem is that: Each list seem to be independant to each other, I used the connections -->make the Request IT Support to provide rows to the Approve IT Request, (The screen is after this updated) I didn't see the 'new request 1' appear in other views. How do I get them link to each other?
Please help me out~~~Thanks!
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first you need to make an anchor for each header, something like:

<a name="req"></a><h3>Request IT Support</h3>

then you can link to it from your "left side" like:

<a href="#req">Request IT Support</a>
CimConceptsAuthor Commented:
Hi Ahoffmann, Thanks for your input.
It seems like your suggestion made some html kind of changes. My problem is not on the displaying of the records/title, It's on the data that's been entered to the lists:
Here is an example:
When a user in the user group enters a request (example: 'printer not working') under the 'Request IT Support' list, I want this information available to the 'Approve IT Request' list  so that the managers can go to the 'Approve IT Request' list to approve/assign the request ('approved and assigned to Bob'). Then the Approved requests will available in the IT Analyst list so that analysts can work on it (' the printer was fixed -- Bob').
then you have to change the application which generates that pagem see the action= attribute of the corresponding form tag

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