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Unable to install software on XP Pro system , error 1327 invalid D:\


  I have a user with Windows XP Pro laptop and one HDD partitioned in 2. One partition is the C: drive and the second is P: Drive. The user can't install any software , he gets error 1327 Invalid drive D. I have gone under computer management and try changed the P drive to D but it doesn't allow me to. When we tried to install any software we change C to D or P to D but nothing works. Any help to get this resolved asap will be great.
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Check the registry locations mentioned here:
Are these msi-based programs that cannot be installed - or all types?
If having issues with Windows Installer:
Run the Cleanup Utility: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301 

I think your solution is in changing the drive P to drive D, you are not being allowed because there are some dependancies on drive P, Look for the sawp file, this might be in drive P so if you change the swap file destination to drive C and then try renaming the drive P to drive D - it should allow that, and this could be the solution to your problem
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Awesome solution, everything is working fine now. This exchange-experts is the best!
Thank you - glad I could provide a useful resource.

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