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Dropping network connection on computer

Bob Macpherson
A colegue of mine is running a script which takes few hours on a computer in the lab and from time to time his test fails because is unable to find a file that is on the network drive. He sais that the network is dropping connection from time to time and that's the reason it fails. Whenever I run tests the computer is connected to all the netwrok drives and ping works just fine. Is there a tool that I can use to run a longer time to see if the computer loses connection to the network?
The PC has Windows XP Pro x64.
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use a longer ping commang ping -N 1000 10.x.x.x
this will ping 1000 packets you can change the number as required
that was command not commang
c:> ping -N 1000 10.x.x.x
at the end it will give a result statement to show if any packets are lost
did you use the extende ping functionality?


yes, I did, with 10000. It ran about 3 hours and never dropped. But those electronic engineers are so stubborn, they still say it's the network.

are you going to close the question?

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