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New Exchange Server

zyanj asked
I have configured a new Exchange 2003 server on Win Server 2003.

I want to move all of my mailboxes to this server.

I would also like to rename this server as the current server in production so that I do not have to redirect my clients to a new server. How can I do this in a seamless manner.

Thanks So much
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Is this new server 2003 with exchange 2003 a SBS 2003 server?  Is it in the same domain as the other exchange server?  

If the exchange server is in the same domain then you would use the move mailbox task, if it is in a new domain, you will need to use exmerge or more of a full domain and exchange migration plan.

I've used ontrack powercontrols for this exact operation - this software is very expensive - you just have to justify how much time it would take you to do the above process manually.

Hope this helps.
If you move the user mailboxes, the clients will automatically resolve to the new mailbox server as long as the old one is on the network.

As for moving mailboxes, right click on the users account in Active Directory -> Exchange... -> Move Mailbox. After moving, next time the user connects the profile in Outlook will update.

Test first with your account or a test account of course.
If I understand correctly, this is a new Exchange Server in a already present Exchange Organization (other Exchange servers already on the network).  If that is the case, it may be a very simple matter.  As long as the other e-mail server is Exchange 2003

Open Exchange System Manager and browse down to the Mailbox Store under the server name that currently houses the mailboxes you want to move.  Under the Mailboxes node, click the first entry and then Shift-Click the last.  Right click those entries and select Move Mailbox.  Select the new server location for the mailboxes and click ok the start it up.  Exchange will transfer 4 mailboxes at a time and show progress in the mailboxes node as it goes.  There will be only a momentary mailbox disconnect for each user as their mailbox gets moved.  Then they can reconnect without reconfiguring their profiles.  Exchange and AD will automatically adjust their profiles.

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