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How do I change the default location for web site/project source?

bigmoxy asked
I started my first .NET project (converting an existing static site to dynamic content) with Dreamweaver and then decided to tryout VS 2008. I already have a folder on another drive for web projects and would like to re-home my current VS project to that location. The existing web site was imported into DW at the other location.

Now that I have made sufficient progress I need to reference the static and image files. How can I change the default location from c:\inetpub\wwwroot\{web site} to {drive}:\{existing folder}\{web site}?

Thank you!
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Senior Web Developer
Go to IIS, right click and go to properties.
Select Home Directory tab and change the location path as your existing folder.
       {drive}:\{existing folder}\{web site}

Then go to Visual Studio and Open web site.
Select IIS virtual directory and select the virtual directory that you have created in IIS.


Thank you very much!!

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