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Remote Desktop/VNC Alternative

Good afternoon, Experts.

My company is going through some strict auditing times and it's killing me.  

First, they took away RDP as multiple admins could log into the server at the same time and make changes to a server and there was no way of logging who actually made the change.

So, I migrated to VNC (My company was already using DameWare to connect to client PCs) for remote administration to all servers and client PCs because i HATE DameWare.

Well, now the logging for VNC is not robust enough for the auditors as it only leaves an IP Address in the application log as to who logged in.  DameWare however leaves the IP Address, hostname, and username name in the application log as to who logged in.

Is there another remote administration program that leaves better logging in the application log AND has the ability to push the  client to the host remotely?

OR [  and better in my mind ;o)  ]
Is there a way to improve VNC's logging in the host?

FYI----Currently using the free edition of RealVNC.....open to using other versions if need be

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello Rogiee,

Why not just use dameware if that is the standard?  What are the reasons you don't like it?




"What are the reasons you don't like it?"

It seems extremely slow and "clunky."

It's not the standard anymore.  Only one person uses it anymore at my company.  He just happens to be the boss and he realized that it's logging was much more robust than VNC.
we use Kaseya - it uses KVNC, VNC and RDP, but has complete logging info on exactly what users are doing.
What sort of information are you trying to log? Could you not just increase your security auditing on the servers

Fair enough...if it helps any I hate it too...we use RDP mainly...and we have an IP KVM that is connected to the servers but no real logging in either scenario...we are a fairly small group of admins and honestly usually log in as the local admin anyway...maybe not the most secure thing but we haven't had any issues....I've never heard of Kaseya...is it free?
Kaseya isn't free - it is a full helpdesk ticketing and logging software for managing users and servers.


"Kaseya isn't free"

Doesn't have to be a free shoftware....however not looking for a full helpdesk ticketing app


Thanks Dis, but RDP is unfortunately out of the question.  

We need something that takes over the console and only allows one person to log in at a time.
Have you considered laplink?  http://www.laplink.com/

We use LANDESK remote control.  Logs everything and gives client a receipt of activities performed.  Great for auditing purposes.  Can also be custom tailored.

I like the Kaseya setup. A web-based remote assist program. Any alternatives?
This is an old post, but thought this information might help someone in the future.  

We are a very happy Kaseya customer.  It is a great product for automated monitoring and support.  It provides a wide variety of support functions.  Where it really lacks is the Remote Control.  RDP is okay, but it has limits.  VNC stinks on ice for performance and unless you are tunneling it (which makes it even slower), it includes some security holes large enough to drive a fleet of Mack trucks through.  I once watched an ethical hacker breech a firewall in 45 seconds using VNC.  K-VNC is a touch better, but still has limitations and performance issues.

If you want performance and logging of remote control software, try LogMeIn.  There are multiple versions.  Pro2 gives you monitoring, alerts, remote service control, scripting, file manager, and what is arguably the fastest remote control on the planet (at least according to our tests).  All of this over an automatically encrypted SSL tunnel.  

The remote control is scalable, color level adjustable, multi-platform, multi-screen capable.  The pro version includes remote printing and remote sound.  The free version includes just the remote control.

We actually use Kaseya to deploy LogMeIn.  It is faster for me to deploy LogMeIn and switch programs than it is to use RDP, VNC, or K-VNC within the Kaseya interface.  I just wish they would make the Kaseya interface extensible so that I could launch LogMeIn from within the Kaseya console.

Be sure to read the EULA.  LogMeIn Free has some restrictions.  Most of those can be avoided if you purchase LogMeIn Central.  Money well spent.  I never mind spending money that pays back such huge dividends.

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