size and location of Scheduled Tasks pop-up windows


I've scheduled some batch files to be run by Scheduled Tasks. It's quite annoying that when those batch files are kicked off and run, some are once every 5 minutes, command line windows pop up and disappear. Is there anyway to disable these windows or at least control their position and size? Thanks.
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sdc248Author Commented:
Hi GregMoseley:

My company blocks this web page. Could you copy and paste the content?

Windows Batch File - Run Minimized?
May 22, 2005 3:43 AM    Subscribe
I've a batch file for automatically uploading a file from my computer to my webspace. The batch file does it's job perfectly but I'm having problems automating the running of the batch file. I've set up a scheduled task to run the file but the problem is that even with the batch file settings changed to 'Run Minimized' the scheduled task still runs maximised and takes over my whole screen. Since I have the file set to run every 10 minutes this is a problem. Anybody have any solutions?
posted by daveirl to computers & internet (5 comments total) 
Create a shortcut to the batch file, set the screen settings in there, schedule the shortcut.
posted by krisjohn at 5:15 AM on May 22 
I thought that would work but it doesn't appear to. I think the scheduled tasks just 'sees through' the shortcut to the batch file it's pointing to.
posted by daveirl at 5:25 AM on May 22 
The scheduled task "sees through" the shortcut if you create it using "Browse". If you edit your task to point to the actual shortcut, which ends in ".lnk", then it'll work.
The ".lnk" part of the shortcut's name is hidden by the window manager, but if your file is "test.bat", your shortcut would be called something like "Shortcut to test.bat.lnk"
More here:
"I got it to work. Simply create a shortcut to the bat file in the same directory which will create a .lnk file. Go to the properties of the lnk file and set it to run minimized. Then, go to the scheduled task and manually enter the path+file name of the .lnk file.
If you click browse to search for the lnk file, it wont work."
posted by Turtle at 6:06 AM on May 22 

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sdc248Author Commented:
It works. Thanks a lot.
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