The media identifier does not represent a valid medium.

Hi, I am using BEW11d on a 64bit Server running Exchange 2007 for one of my clients. The backup works perfectly however I needed to restore some data and every time I run the restore job I get a failure with teh error:

10cc - The media identifier does not represent a valid medium.
For additional information regarding this error refer to link

The link does not give infomation on the issue.

Any ideas
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.Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
OK I got this solved in the end. The Server is a Dell PE2900 with Windows Server 2003 64Bit I am using BEW11d 7170 64Bit. I needed build 7170 as The Server hosts Exchange 2007 mailboxes which also explains why its 64bit. I always use BEW Device drivers however after installing 11d and expecting it to find the LTO3 device it did not. So I used the driver supplied by Dell and the backup worked flawless. Obviously when I did a restore as a test it failed as desbibed. I downloaded the latest BEW64bit drivers as well as trying everything as suggested in this post , which usually I don't have to do as it works out of the box with the usual config. In the end I placed a support call with Dell as the device is new and they supplied the BEW Software. Dell where just a baffled and after going through the usual checkpoints and a couple of out of hours reboots they changed the tape drive under warranty and it fixed the issue instantly. So that was it, the LTO3 device was apparently faulty.
brent_caskeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you happen to have the Removable Storage Service running on your server at the time of the error? Is it set for anything other than disabled?

The error that you are getting is identical to the windows error message for error code 4300 (ERROR_INVALID_MEDIA) This usually only shows when the removable storage service is running. When you use BUE, you should NOT have the removable storage service running since BUE has its own library / catalog service.

If it is enabled / set to something other than disabled, stop the service and set the service to disabled and try to restore. If the error comes back, let us know.
.Author Commented:
Well spotted, the removable storage service was infact running so I have stopped and disabled it. I will test this in a day or so and get back to you. I thought the BEW installation actually stopped this service.

Many Thanks
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Iamthecreator OMConnect With a Mentor Administrateur Systeme et ReseauxCommented:
Stop all BE Services
Go to
rename the CATLOG folder

Uncheck the option to request MEDIA IN SEQUENCE

Run an INVENTORY and CATLOG on all the TAPES that have a good EXCHANGE BACKUP
IT Should work
.Author Commented:
Thanks I will give it a shot and let you know.
.Author Commented:

Still the same output even though I have tried both suggestions.
Likewise, I am having the same problem trying to restore a mailbox off LTO 3 tapes. I've trawled the net looking for suggestions but nothing has worked...
I was able to pull other data off the tape, like a directory structure, but not recover an individual mailbox.. same drive, same tape, same server.. when restoring standard data the error doesn't appear.

Go figure?!!!?
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