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Call vs Query vs Transaction

Cveselka asked
Can someone give me a good description of what a Call, Query, and Transaction are?  I cannot find anything that really tells me what the difference is
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Call - I think this is a synonym of stored procedure execution (stored procedure is a named set of SQL or CLR code stored on the server and called by users using EXECUTE statement).

Query - my definition is the following: query is a SQL statement (some people use the word "query" only when they are talking about SELECT statement).

Transaction - is a set of operations (SQL statements) executed as a whole (it means that when something goes wrong in transaction the whole transaction is rolled back - there are no changes in a database).

I hope my definitions will give you some light on the matter.
David ToddSenior Database Administrator


A transaction is SQL has a very specific meaning - see here for instance: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa225983(SQL.80).aspx

Can you give us some more background on how those words have been used, in where you need the clarification?


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