Releasing a project - Files

I have builyt my project in releaqse mode, there are numerous files there which I am not sure require distirbuting

*.pdb files - are these requires?

[Product Name].XmlSerializers.dll - what is this?

Aquarius.vshost.exe.config - required?

Each project has a corresponding xml file - are these needed?

I also use the and excel - should I set these to copylocal or should I expect the target system to have them

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PockyMasterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
pdb are debug information files.. not required for distribution.
vshost.exe.config not required for distribution

you could just create a setup project and select the project output of your project.
this will take care of your questions.
PaulHewsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PDB files are symbol files.  Not required unless you need symbols for debugging.
DLL s will be needed.  
XMLSerializer DLLs are there to provide XML Serialization for the types contained in the [productname] dll
vshost.exe and vshost.config are not needed
assemblyname.xml files are not needed

The office interop files... I believe need to be deployed.  They can be downloaded in a redist package.
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