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Catalog Database recovery/restore failure

Olaf Berli
Olaf Berli asked
A Win2003 SBS running on one of the small HP Netservers rebooted today withouth any human intervention. The Application Event log shows several errors with the following text:
Catalog Database 1248 Database recovery/restore failed with unexpected error -539
ID: 454, Source ESENT.
There was also an error in the System log: Source: System Error, Id: 1003

Exchange is NOT running on this server. It is running as a Domain controler, File- and printserver only.

The system disk was full yesterday, and user files were moved / deleted to free up approx. 4GB.

Any ideas what to do to fix this problem?

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Hello omberli,

Hallo,  have you got Exchange server installed?  
Have you completed the Windows SBS installation Wizard?

One of the things an SBS server will do if you have not configured it as per the SBS expected method is that you will be in violation of the license agreement of the server operating system license and it will start rebooting your computer on a regular basis.  The fact that you have ESENT as your reported error could indicate that you do have Exchange installed and that your Exchange services may have been disabled.  If this is the case, the server may also reboot to attempt to correct this error.

Olaf BerliOwner



It is a long time since the installation was done, and the server has been running fine for several years. I recall running through the installation wizard, and Exchange is installed and its services are disabled (we're running another mailserver).

Is it possible to un-install Exchange?  Will there be any side effects?

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