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error using php in zend debugger,    call to undefined function: mssql_connect()

jb7811 asked
I have a php script that runns fine and gets data out of a MSSQL database table, but when I try to rn in in the zend debugger I get the error Call to undefined function: mssql_connect.

I have done some research on it and have made sure the extension is activiated in the php.ini file and have placed the php_mssql.dll in windows/system32 directory

Can anybody help?
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zend debugger uses its own php engine and its own php.ini file
to fix this, go to
C:\Program Files\Zend\ZendStudioClient-5.1.0\bin\php5\php.ini
add this line
now, create a folder c:\php5\ext
and store your dll there. please note that you should be using the very same version of dll that matches zend debugger php
to know that, run this php command in zend echo phpinfo(); and notice php version
download exct php version and use its dll
restart zend


I am using zend studio version 3.5.2 and the directory structure is as follows:
c:\Program Files\Zend\bin\php4
  in this directory I added the extension=php_mssql.dll to the php.ini file.
I am running PHP version 4.3.6 and it's directory structure is as follows:
  I added the \ext directory under C:\PHP, then copied php_mssql.dll into it.

then restarted zend debugger (it's a local version not client side server version) and I am still getting the same error.


you should know what php version is used by zend, regardless php installed on your machine and used the related dll of that php version.
you can install zend core on your machine or another machine and use debugging from server from within zend instead of using its internal debugger.
zend core comes bundeled with apache and php and is free.