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Replacing Motherboard of the same model, new MB cannot identify RAID 0 set

qbawler311 asked
My motherboard USB controller crapped out ( due to static shock i think).  I bought the same model MB (MSI 975X Platinum V.2 775 R) and swapped it out with the busted old one.  I configure the BIOS for RAID and get to a message that says "DISK READ ERROR".  Not even far enough to enter the RAID configuration?

The RAID 0 is 2 WD's  they work fine, my old motherboard still works just no USB functionality.
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OK do this....

Use your old mobo and image your machine using acronis true image.  Once the image is done then swap to your new board and configure the array.
Most likely you will need to set the first boot device to somethng like cd rom just so bios pays nice and allows you to get into your raid configuration.  If bios lets you do tis all from the same menu then configure your array and still set the boot to cd.
Save and exit and then go back in and change the boot to array.
Put in the boot cd that comes with acronis true image and boot from it and then image your machine back to the array.
Restart the machine and since bios is now set to boot from the array you shouldnt need to do anything else and the machine should be good to go.


$!#&$ I must have hit the MBR reset button when taking out the old MB.  Now I have 2 MB's in the same boat.  Is there anything I can do?  Is there any way I can flash the MB to load the JMicron RAID config or something?

Well you should be able to set the raid config back up manually through bios.  But some boards destroy the array/clear the drives when they create an array.  This is why I said to create an image of your machine so if this happens you can boot to cd and restore.  Did you create an image of some sort?

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