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Restrict Outlook user to internal sending

benhar asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-05
I have followed the instructions from amset.com regarding restricing a user to only sending messages internally.  I had to create the connector, added my only server to the bridgehead list, use DNS is selected, SMTP * is listed as an address space, and the one user is in the Restricted box for restrictions.

I've restarted the SMTP and Routing Engine services, as well as the users Outlook but he is still able to send messages externally.

Am I missing something? Does the user need to reboot?
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I am not an expert in this area, but I don't believe Exchange uses SMTP for internal mail. I would think that removing the SMTP reference from the Address space list would disable the user's ability to mail outside users.



Exchange won't let the connector save without having something listed in the address space list or connected routing group list.


Any other suggestions from anyone?  

A user reboot did not affect anything, neither did a server reboot.

I asked our Exchange admin, and this is his reply:

"In AD, on the Exchange General tab of the user's Properties, you'll find
Delivery Restrictions.  There you can specify who can send to the
mailbox (From authenticated users only, From everyone (the default),
Only from (choose some or all internal users), or From everyone except
(choose those unable to send)).

"I'm not sure about restricting a user to only being able to send

Sorry it's not more helpful, but that's all I've got. I administer an Exchange server for a small company on the side, but I've never tried to do what you're looking for.

Anyone else?

Good luck,


Thank you for the suggestions.  What you talk about is restricing others from sending to this particular user.  There are settings and configurations for restricting users from sending to external recipients (numerous Qs on EE) and I've thought I've followed them all.  

Sembee's site Amset.com is an awesome Exchange resource, and I've configured my connector the way described, but messages are still going out of the org.
I have discovered and corrected the problem.  I am using an individual user to specify restrictions and not a mail-enabled group.  

All the instructions I have followed have stated that the registry would need modification if I was using a group, but made no mention that the modification was necessary for specifying individual users.  

That is not the case.  Specifying users or groups in the delivery restrictions of the connector require the registry mod.

Thank you for the suggetions though.

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