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Exchange OWA and mailbox alias

MCPJoe asked
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Last Modified: 2012-06-21
I have a quick question about how OWA handles a mailbox alias.  I have noticed with OWA in Exchange 2003, that the alias it picks up can vary if the user has more than one SMTP address or alias.  My personal account for example, has webmaster, sales, and other aliases associated, and I've seen the html link for opening messages in the message list show all of my different aliases at different times.  It seems to be random how it chooses which alias to use.  Right now its using sales, even though my mailbox is my name and so is my SMTP Address.  

So my question is:

Is there a way to restrict what alias OWA uses?  And why does it randomly pick a different alias to use?  I am specifically using forms based authentication for OWA, could it have something to do with how thats setup?
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BusbarSolutions Architect

for aliases do you mean SMTP address,
if yes, then it will be based on people sending to you, as you said, you have sales and operations for example, if i send an email to sales you will get to addressed sales tus email address wil be sales@domain.com, same to operations.

ope that i helped


Well thats not quite what I mean...  When you hoover the mouse over an e-mail in the message view, the html link you see contains an alias.  Its the same for every message in the mailbox, my mailbox name is lets say "Scott", but the link to open the messages in OWA might have the user "sales" in the link.  Another time you logon all the links might say "administrator", etc.  This is not a per message thing, its a global way OWA is handling your identity when you logon.
As far as I could work out, it uses the oldest address that it can find in the Primary SMTP Domain as defined in your recipient policy.  If you delete your sales@ address, it will pick the next one, and continue to use that even after you recreate the sales@ address.  Having said that, you can actually use any of the other addresses to create your own URL into the mailbox.  It's just that by default it seems to pick the oldest.  Of course, no-one outside MS knows how it really chooses which address to use.
Stacy SpearPresident/Principal Consultant

Joe, I'm not seeing that with my account. I'm not sure if it because we are using certificate based login with a smartcard. I have a lab system that I will try to test against later.