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Network Load Balancing (NLB): How force traffic to a particular server?

We have NLB set up to steer traffic to a web farm of two servers.

Is there any way to force traffic to go to only one of the servers for a particular web request?  

I'm hoping there might be some back door testing syntax n the URL like this:


that maybe the smart engineers at Microsoft put in to steer this request to a particular server in the farm???
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No backdoor, sorry.
NLB is just that: Network Load Balancing. It distributes incoming requests to the nodes in the cluster, nothing more; NLB has no knowledge of http requests and does not analyze the incoming packets.
You can only redirect traffic to a server through NLB if you're using a different port (81 for example) and set a port rule for that port to send requests on that port to only one node.


Thank you.

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