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Sharing local resources over TS

We hve a terminal services solution in place for a doctor's remote office.  He holds office hours there twice week, but otherwise is in his home office.  We have utilized Dragon Dictate for his medical transcription and it works very well in his main office, and the files are then saved to his server.  However, now, he is requesting a way to utilize this over a Terminal Services session.  I know i could share a drive over TS, and have him save the recording on the server for later transcription by dragon, however this doctor requests the simplest method.  Is it possible to share a microphone from the local system, to the server, via terminal svcs, and run Dragon Dictate on the server in a TS session?  Im rather experienced with TS, however THIS I have never run into!
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Audio mapping in Windows Terminal Server is output only.  Microphone doesn't work.
Citrix might be able do the microphone mapping.
Audio redirection is not natively bidirectional.  You may need to look into third-party extensions for this functionality.  I believe that Citrix Presentation Server offers this functionality but I've not used it myself.
Wow, that was a nice summary of my previous two posts.
Sorry - serves me right for opening multiple queries and working through them without refreshing to see if someone has beaten me to it.

And I agree that it makes for a very nice summary of your posts.  ;)


Yea I figured I could do it with Citrix, but the client is not wanting to buy more licenses for things... I guess i will have to teach/talk him into using it as above, with a shared drive w/ the sound file being saved there.
I hear you.  You can only do what they are willing to pay for,  eh?

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