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Is it possible to retrieve a web document from a temp or cache file that I accessed online earlier today?

sgorshow asked
I filled out an online survey earlier today. It took me a fair amount of time. At the end, when I tried to submit it, there was a glitch in their software and I got an error message. I contacted the site and they said that my survey was lost and I would have to redo it. I would really like not to have to recreate it. Are the web pages automatically saved in a temp or cache file such that they could be retrieved, or am I stuck with re-reating the survey?
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This form data is not kept on the PC, as far as I am aware.
You will have to re-enter the information.


Even the free text fields?
and2351000 is right about that. One thing that MAY help you save time though: Click the mouse into the first field and press the down arrow key on the keyboard. It may list previously entered data. You could then just press enter to select that data, then tab to the next field and press down again. Doesn't save you from having to do the whole form again, but may save you some typing. Some pages may block this in certain fields, so it may or may not work.
Ahhh... my suggestion will not work on a large text box. Only text fields. Again though, may save a little time at least.
Yes - the data is not stored, to the best of my knowledge - unless you had a keylogger installed on the computer!


Thanks for the rapid responses. I would have preferred to hear different answers, but at least now I know what I have to do!

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