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Unable to check if schema is available for sync........

tswager asked
Remote user returned from two week trip.  He was able to sync with Database before he left.  Now getting error - Unable to check if schema is available for sync.  Sychronization timed out.  Contact Admin . . .. .

I used actdiag to rebuild database schema and Sync objects.

Other remote users (2 of them ) can still sync without problem.

Any thoughts ?
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Act! Evangelist - CRM Consultant
Try going File | Open
Changing the file type frm PAD to ADF and opening the database that way... it does a rebuild and check

Try it at BOTH server and remote - after doing a backup, of course

BTW: To you have other sync users? Do they get the same error?
What ACT! version - Standard or Premium?
What sync method - network, internet, etc


Other sync users are having no problems.

We are using the Premium version.

We are using a network sync.  Our remote users connect to our LAN,  and sync as necessary with main database on server.

We have 6-8 users logged into main database on server at all times.  -

I will not be able to change the file type until early AM tomorrow.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM Consultant
Let us know what happens when you try and open the ADF on the users machine

Here's another suggestion:
On the remote PC.
Go to Manage Connection Information.
Change the machine name from the IP address to the Name of the server, or
vice versa (if you already have the machine name in the box.)  If that doesn't work, change it back.


I'm not technically savvy enough to tell you what was wrong but I found out my remote user had done a "system restore" to fix another problem.  At that point he was unable to sync - with a variety of error messages.  By the time I finally got my hands back on it the sync option was greyed out on the toolbar.

The remote database seemed to forget it was a remote.  It acted like a stand alone database and seemed to have some other very weird quirks.

I backed up the database into a different directory on the remote users machine.

The user had changed about 1200 contacts since his last successful sync.  I looked up the changed data and exported those contacts back into the main database on the server.  The merge looks to be successful with no lost data.

I then deleted all traces of the remote database.  ( except for the backup I had created )

I then  went back and restored  the remote database I had backed up in its new directory, and everything seemed to work.  It's behaving normally and syncing on demand.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM Consultant

Yup... System Restore can cause more problems than it solves... it needs more warnings when using it

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