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Updating PIX 520 firmware

I have a Pix 520 firewall that needs to be updated to version 6.3(5) - The image is too big to fit on a floppy
disk.  I have tried doing it with tftp server but I am unable to get it to go into the break sequence by hitting the break or escape key on my keyboard.  I am accessing the device directly through the console.  Any idea how I can upgrade this.  Is there a different key sequence that works for the 520?
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If you're using hyperterminal to access the PIX, try pressing Ctrl+Break


Using Secure CRT but I can use hyperterm - will give that a try...
What version of code are you currently running?

See the following URL for some steps that may help...



I'm running 6.3(4) but I have another Pix 520 that I want to set up for failover it is running 6.3(5) and the documentation says that for failover the devices need to be on the same version.

In addition I need to set up a site to site VPN connection with yet another Pix 520 and again the docs say that the same version is recommended.

You shouldn't have to use the break sequence to upgrade.  Since you are running a fairly recent version already, you should be able to use the following command from enable mode to update your code:

copy tftp://<tftp_server_ip_address>/pix635.bin flash:image

where <tftp_server_ip_address> is the IP address of your TFTP server.  Reload the PIX after that and you should be done.

Have you tried it this way yet?


no I didn't try it that way... doh!  I've done the upgrades on the 515's using the break sequence method  -
I was thinking that for the 520 it would work the same way as password recovery does but of course the image doesn't fit on the floppy and it didn't occur to me that the pix would let me upgrade it while it was running - just like updating the PDM right? -  
I'll give that a try...
>>just like updating the PDM right?

You got it!  Good luck...

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